Wind Farm Updates

Please see D&G Landscape Architect’s Report on Wind Farm (NLEI) Proposal on the link below:-

Landscape Architect Consultation Response

‘Incoherent design, too large too ambitious and in the wrong place, with lots of cumulative effects’.

The proposal has yet to be sent to Scottish Government for their decision. Further updates to follow.


Have a look at the Twentyshilling Hill Wind Farm Planning Applications Committee Report here.  On page 13 you can see Buccleuch’s objection to the application.  You will see that Buccleuch’s objections could easily be transferred to the North Lowther Energy Initiative proposal from the community’s point of view!!  Also the NATS objection on page 10 is interesting.

Twentyshilling Hill Wind Farm Planning Applications Committee Report


The time has come to OBJECT to BOTH of the proposed wind farm applications which have now been submitted.  The deadlines for objections are:-

Harry Burn Wind Farm – 10th July 2017

North Lowther Energy Initiative (NLEI) Wanlockhead – 27th July 2017

Please click on the links under “Wind Farm Updates” for each of the wind farms or click on the links below.  Each link will take you to the proposed style objection letter for that wind farm.  The style letters can be changed to your own personal preference.  Please spread the word – share with all of your contacts near and far and ask them to send an objection letter.  ANYONE can object to these applications to Save our Lowther Hills.


Harry Burn Wind Farm


North Lowther Wind Farm (Wanlockhead)