Meet the New Poly Tunnel


0N 16TH MARCH 2019

The Community poly tunnel has been installed and the raised beds are ready to go in!

POLY TUNNEL will be used for community growing-anyone can come along to sow, grow, and of course to harvest! No skills required, this is the perfect opportunity for those who want to have a go at growing some fruit and vegetables but don’t have the time or confidence to take on their own bed just yet. All produce in the community beds will be available to the whole village. A beginner’s seed sowing session will be organised later in March, and materials will be provided. Shelving is also available so if you just want to raise some seedlings for planting out in your own garden, come along and have a try!

If you’re interested in growing for your community or family, please come along on SATURDAY 16th March at 10 am for a cuppa and a chat in the tunnel, which is located in the Village garden, if you’re able, your help with moving the raised beds into the tunnel will also be much appreciated, so bring a pair of gloves! Kids with a guardian are most welcome. If you can’t make it but want to get involved call Jennie on 74211.