Minutes of Village Council Meeting, 3rd June 2019

Present: Lynda Findlay, Chair, Anne Arrigoni, Treasurer, Androulla Richford, Secretary, William Findlay, Jennie Harvey, Neil Tollick, Steven Morrison.

Minutes of last meeting read. Proposed Anne Arrigoni and second William Findlay.

The chair welcomed and introduced PC Ian Harvey, Community Officer.

PC Harvey, A community Officer for 5 years at Kirkonnel and Kelloholm, updated the meeting about reports of vandalism, and anti social behaviour locally and urged that people noticing anything suspicious or to call 101.

Matters Arising:

The chair reported that new fencing has been replaced near Townhead cottages mine shaft.

Also noted that the gully pump visited the village but only one gully had been cleared.


A letter from D&G Planning Department addressed to the Community Centre has been handed to the VC. In this letter it is suggested that person/s had made an enquiry to the Planning Dept, as to whether the Community Poly Tunnel had received planning permission.

The VC also received a letter from ‘BayWa r.e. UK Limited’ advising “ of their acquisition of the onshore wind business of Forsa Energy, which was formerly known as 2020 Renewables. New name for the company proposing the 30 turbine wind farm in and around Wanlockhead.

Treasurer’s Report:

Wanlockhead Village Council 3/6/2019

Windfarm Account

Opening Balance £1,371.00

No Income


Cheque no. 100094 Lisa Edwards for Silver Band 150.00

Closing Balance £1,221.00

Village Council Account

Opening Balance £1,085.34


Jumble Sale monies 69.92


Cheque no. 200025 Community Centre rental for Jumble 40.00

Closing Balance £1,115,26

Micro Grant Applications:

VC in receipt of two micro grants of £250 each

  1. From Elaine Wakefield for Leadhills Gala
  2. Steven Gillespie for School children to attend play in Edinburgh.

The above applications were discussed. Due to the micro grants being finite for the year, and with 6 months before the next application. Also there are plans for a possible children’s and pensioners Christmas event. Plus £400 from micro grants maybe required for planning applications for 2 other projects. It was felt that we could not make the grants on this occasion. Chair to contact applicants.

Large Grant Applications for Christmas Tree frame was discussed and chair and treasurer to apply.

Village Gardens:

Chair will contact the ‘payback team’ to come and do some grass cutting. It was also agreed that a “No Camping in Village Gardens” sign be put on the garden gate. Recently, visitors to the Community Centre put up a tent in village gardens instead of CC gardens.

Poly Tunnel Produce:

Potatoes, carrots, beans, courgettes broad beans, herbs. Mostly salads and seedlings and some vegetables for growing on your windowsills and gardens. Look for pots available on garden wall, Also please come along on a Sunday morning and collect what is available.

It was discussed and agreed we join the group ‘Social Farms & Gardens’ that offer help and support and exchange of information. www.farmgarden.org.uk

Wind Farm Inquiry Update:

Isobel Gibb, together with Gerard Godfrey, attended the meeting held in Sanquhar on Wednesday 29th May. At this meeting the procedure for the Inquiry was set. We have to produce documents and statements by the middle of July. The Inquiry will take place the first 2 weeks of October.

Still waiting to hear the final details from the SG Reporter.

Meeting ended 8.20 pm