Minutes of Village Council Meeting, 6th May 2019

Present: Lynda Findlay, Chair, Anne Arrigoni, Treasurer, Androulla Richford, Secretary, William Findlay, Mac Blewer, Peter Scott, Steven Morrison.

Apologies: Neil Tollick and Jennie Harvey.

Minutes of last meeting read, corrected and approved. Proposed by Lynda and second by Anne.

Treasurer’s Report

Wanlockhead Village Council 6th May 2019

Wind farm Account

Opening Balance £539.00


Foundation Scotland Micro grant funds £1,000.00


Cheque no. 100089 Victoria Chanin Entertainment licence £168.00

Closing Balance £1,371.00

Village Council Account 6th May, 2019

Opening Balance £1,165.35


Cheque no. 200024 Jennie Harvey various items for

garden project £80.01

Closing Balance £1,085.34


Secretary in receipt of invoices for yearly update payments to providers for village council website. Will pay and produce the invoices for reimbursement at next meeting.

Chair had been contacted by Freya Grant from the Estate and David Rogerson visited the village to evaluate fencing. A hole reported on the path past the Hass House that had been reported several times over the last few years. Still remains unattended.

Only 3 weeks ago the Secretary was contacted by Harry Pickburn to report that a walker on holiday knocked on his door to report that he had come across a large hole on the path coming down towards Hass House, which he thought dangerous.

According to the Estate office the path in question is on land which belongs to the Bowling Green land now under the control of the Museum.

Twenty Shilling Wind Farm – the Chair and Treasurer attended a meeting regarding community benefits. The chair produced a map showing where the underground cable power lines will be laid for the Power Station in Glenglass.

Tripod for village Christmas tree – was discussed. Committee members to get together to apply for grant as well as 2 other quotations that are required.

First Aid – for residents previously proposed and the village leafleted. So far 7 residents have reported an interest in taking part.

Micro grant – application from Lisa Edwards on behalf of the Leadhills Silver Band who will be taking part in a Festival to be held in Crawfordjohn at the end of May. The Event would have taken place in Wanlockhead Community Centre if it was not already booked. Also adults and children from Wanlockhead are members of the band.

After discussion it was unanimous that we donate £150 towards the event on behalf of the village.

The new village signs – We have had comments that the 1531 on the sign is not very visible. The chair contacted Fiona Dobney, involved with the project to request what can be done to remedy this.

Jumble Sale – Posters up, leaflets in every door – so far 10 people booked tables.

Gardens/Poly tunnel – Secretary updated the meeting of progress. The good weather is helping all the seedlings coming along we hope to have some for sale at the Jumble sale to raise money for more compost and plants to enable us to plant in the new containers in the village gardens.

Mac Blewer – came along to thank and update the VC on how the micro grant he obtained for 110 saplings for planting in the Millenium Path was used. Mac also reminded the meeting of a talk arranged by WCT, that will take place on the 19th May at the usual monthly update on ongoing talks with Buccleuch about the proposed village buyout.

NLEI Wind farm proposal. The secretary updated the meeting regarding the Inquiry – there will be a further meeting to attend on Wednesday May 29th. More updates next meeting.