Minutes of Village Council Meeting, 1st April 2019


Lynda Findlay, Chair, Anne Arrigoni, Treasurer, Androulla Richford, Secretary, William Findlay,

Alan, Mackie, Harvey Paterson, Margaret Mackay, Jane Brydon, Bill Brydon, John Oliver, Isobel Gibb, Steven Morrison, Natham Kennedy, James McKelvey, Dean McKelvey, Johnny Hazlett, Kym Clements, Peter Scott.

No Apologies

Minutes of last meeting were read and approved. Proposed by Isobel and seconded by Anne.

Matters arising – Delayed payment from Foundation Scotland. Paperwork submitted.

Treasurers Report:

Wanlockhead Village Council 1st April 2019

Windfarm Account

Opening Balance £777.00

No Income


Cheque no. 100093 WCT (tree guards and stakes) £238.00

Closing Balance £539.00

Village Council Account 1 April 2019

Opening Balance £2,065.35

No Income


Cheque no. 200019 (man and digger cost for poly tunnel in

village gardens) £900.00

Closing Balance £1,165.35

Wild Fire Festival to be held last week end of June – Venue – Wanlockhead Inn.

In March, the VC was contacted by the Museum Trust and invited to meet and discuss with them and the Community Centre SCIO the above event. It was agreed by VC members that the Chair contact all those concerned including the Wanlockhead Inn and invite them to attend the VC’s April meeting for all to air their concerns.

Margaret Mackay, a Trustee from the Museum attending the meeting was invited to speak to the meeting. (Margaret read to the meeting from a 5 page document which is too long to reproduce here but the gist of it is as follows)

The Festival organisers had approached the Museum to see if the Bowling Green would be available to be used by festival goers as a camping facility. And whilst appreciating this event would bring benefits to the Museum and others in the village, the concern is that of numbers attending and toilet and other facilities available to accommodate them and responsibilities for cleaning and keeping order.

Isobel Gibb, chair of Community Centre SCIO, confirmed they had been approached as to the availability of the Centre to be used as additional venue for the Festival. As yet had not received a confirmed booking. But was also concerned that basic facilities were adequate.

James McKelvey, Proprietor of the Wanlockhead Inn reported that he was disappointed that he had not been contacted directly by those with concerns about the Festival. He reiterated that the Inn and its grounds are the main venue for the Festival with toilet facilities inside and outside the Inn. As well as the public toilets in Wanlockhead. He also stated that there are 200 tickets for sale. The Inn has sought the appropriate licences/permissions. And this Festival is no bigger than the Gold Panning Championship held by the Museum at the end of May Bank holiday.

The Chair thanked Margaret for attending the meeting.

The Chair then invited Harvey Paterson and Alan Mackie from Leadhills & Wanlockhead Railway for their update on the Wanlockhead East Extension. There was a lengthy and at times technical information imparted (too technical for the minute taker). Now we have a copy of the plan A4 size attached with these minutes. Also there are larger scale plans available in the Community Centre for viewing, as previously advised.

Main points: The station will be visible from the main road

There will be a car park for 10 cars fenced off with a gate for passenger use (and for Ski Club to use when in operation)

There is a 3 year plan for completion once plans approved (if all goes well it will open Easter 2023.

Steven Morrison concerned with too much water running at Townhead of village and that this could be attributed to the railway workings. Alan Mackie confirmed that they had permission from the Estate in 2018 for trial pits. He followed, by saying the problem is that of inadequate drainage. Most water comes from the hills. Lynda to contact D&G about drainage issues.

Sink Holes, pot holes, chair had been waiting for Stewart Cavens from D&G Council Roads Dept. to join her for a walk around the village to point out the areas needing attention.

Poly Tunnel Update:

Androulla informed the meeting that planting of herbs and some vegetables has been done and more to follow. A watering rota is in place and generally people turn up on Sunday mornings for more planting and planning.

Clyde Wind Farm Update:

Lynda and Anne attended the last meeting. Next round of large grants should be in by 3rd July, 2019. Balance in account £17,000.

Next Panel meeting for 10 September 2019 to be hosted at the Wanlockhead Community Centre.

NLEI Wind farm proposal:

The preliminary meeting for this Inquiry will be held in Sanquhar on the 1st of May. Members of the VC will be attending.

Village Christmas Tree support/guard:

A quotation from Orchard Engineering, has been obtained by Steven Morrison on behalf of the VC.

More information to follow.

First Aid – further information:

Androulla has been looking into the possibility of organising first aid course for villagers and obtaining a defibrillator. There was a discussion and it was agreed we assess demand first.

Defibrillator, Isobel suggested we contact Billy Lockhart Mid and Upper Nithsdale Building Healthy Communities.


Peter Scott asked the meeting if we thought “the village was no longer a peaceful and quite place”?

He offered that there seems to be too much traffic too late in the day, mostly delivery vans. After discussing the merits or not of on line shopping and present day requirements and living in a remote village the meeting ended 9.15 pm.

Next meeting 6th May.